Create new vmx interface ...

  • Hi,
    I am newbie with pfsense ... version 2.4
    In Interface Assignments, I have :
    vmx0 = wan
    vmx1 = xxx (
    vmx2 = yyy (
    vmx5 = zzz (

    I would like to make a new subnet, like vmx6 (,
    But, I don't find where I can do a new vmx interface ?
    Someone can help me ?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    That would be setup in your hypervisor first (ESX/vSphere/VMware Workstation/Player/etc)

    Once you add the new interface in the hypervisor, you can add it in pfSense under Interfaces > Assignments and then once you assign it, go to Interfaces > (whatever its name is) and enable, add an IP address, etc. Then add firewall rules, DHCP, whatever else you need.

  • Correct, but I need to restart pfsense ...

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