Access point, 2x Atheros, Separate RX and TX cards

  • Hi!
    I am planning to buy 2 atheros wifi PCI cards…

    I don't know, can pfsense sperate RX connections to one card, and TX connections to other card.. (like mikrotik can....) ?

    Also, can pfsense create multiple SSIDs on one Wifi card (ofcorse wifi card must support this), but does pfsense support it ?

    thank you (i am new in wireless, but not new in pfsense)

  • Full Duplex wireless is not supported.
    Multiple SSID aka. Virtuall BSS is not supported in freebsd yet (so it's not supported in pfSense either). It's not a HW restriction but a SW one.

  • Ok, thank you :)
    i hope so it will be all these stuff available in near future :)

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