2 switches between Router (on a stick) and Modem

  • Please, need some help with verifying my setup:

    My pfSense router is in the basement whilst my modem is on the upper floor. I have connected the two by means of 2 TP-Link switches (TL-SG108E/TL-SG105E) and VLANs connected in the following manner:

    Router <> Switch <> Switch <> ISP

    Config Router Connected to pfSense:

    Port 7 is used for the Router
    Port 8 is used for the trunk with the switch on the upper floor
    Port 1-6 for client devices

    VLAN Assignment:
    0_1543602585621_Screenshot from 2018-11-30 19-28-58.png

    0_1543602822713_Screenshot from 2018-11-30 19-33-23.png

    Config Router Connected to Modem:

    VLAN Assignment:
    0_1543603376254_Screenshot from 2018-11-30 19-42-20.png

    0_1543603390348_Screenshot from 2018-11-30 19-41-16.png
    Port 4 is used for the modem
    Port 5 is used for the trunk with the switch in the basement
    Port 1-3 for client devices

    The setup works fine but would like some sanity check re VLAN config being correct and potential issues on the WAN side.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Don't use those TP-Link switches with VLANs. They don't handle VLANs properly.

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    That should be OK but like @jknott said those switches cannot be trusted to do the right thing.

  • Thanks! The switches are HW V4 and the problems related to VLAN 1 were fixed in V3. Is there any other issue they might have?

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