"Default Deny" Rules Still Being Logged with Setting OFF [FIXED]

  • EDIT: Updated to 2.4.4_1 and this appears to be fixed. I don't know if the initial problem was because an electron got stuck in a wire on my system ( :) ) or if it being fixed has something to do with 2.4.4_1.

    OP: In pfSense 2.4.4-RELEASE (amd64), I've gone to Status > System Logs > Settings and turned off the "Log firewall default blocks" option:

    0_1543710054260_20181201 -- pfSense 2_4_4 Default Deny Log Setting Off.jpg

    Yet, I'm still getting "Default Deny" entries in my Firewall log:

    0_1543710264132_20181201 -- pfSense 2_4_4 Default Deny Still Being Logged.jpg

    Here are my Firewall rules:

    0_1543710417688_20181201 -- pfSense 2_4_4 Firewall Rules WAN.jpg

    0_1543710481777_20181201 -- pfSense 2_4_4 Firewall Rules LAN.jpg

    I'm not reading this wrong, am I?

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