Captive Portal (2.4.4) not working on mobile

  • On Samsung devices and other brand when connect to SSID push notification show on browser URL and body shown "connected" but cannot access captive portal anymore. I try to fix by manual input URL "captive.xxxx.local:8002" it not show anything cannot access to captive portal page. May anyone can help?

  • Rebel Alliance

    As mentionned more or less everywhere in the forum, there is currently a bug on the captive portal : if you edit captive portal settings while users are connected to it, connected users will become in a "rogue state", half connected half disconnected. This is probably what happened to your samsung device

    Temporary solutions :

    • don't edit your captive portal settings when users are connected
    • if you ever have to edit them anyway, go to status->captive portal and click on "disconnect all". This will fully disconnect users

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