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    What's the 'official' (proper) means in pfSense context to create a table? Coming from a complex FreeBSD + PF setup and trying to translate to pfSense, however have been unable locate anything that suggests how to replicate:

    table <tablename> counters persist "<table file location>"

    Need to 'pin' a table. Purpose is for a type of feed that requires checking source every 60 seconds and adding/removing when a change occurs. That does not mean changes to the table every 60 seconds, but it does infer that when an entry is added removed, that a "pfctl -q -t <tablename> -T replace -f <file>" needs to happen within 60 seconds of the noted change.

    Current mechanism should port over to pfSense with some changes. Problem is trying to determine official/proper method for conversion and the documentation appears to be sparse in this regard. Things needed:

    • how to define a persistent table preferably with counters (in the pfSense "way")
    • where should the table file go?


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    There isn't a way in the default GUI to make a persist table that you can control in that way. If you make a URL table alias it will get you close, but it would need to pull the content from a URL and doesn't update as often as you need.

    You should look into the pfBlockerNG package, it will probably do what you want in a slightly different way.

  • I have gone through pfBlocker - was hoping that it might be a "solution", but there are some things for which pfBlocker just isn't the "right" solution. Thanks for the idea, though.

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