Slow http traffic with OpenVPN clients

  • Greetings,

    I am having an issue with OpenVPN on pfsense. Specifically, I have noted a significant slowdown on my VPN clients when they are browsing the web. I have been using a browser add-on called “Page Load Time” which outputs the total time it takes a website to load. When I am not connected via VPN, the time goes from 2 or so seconds, to, in some cases 50 seconds. I have tried both Chrome and Firefox.

    The pfsense box itself is sitting on my gigabit LAN as a client, along with several other computers, so all connections should be at gigabit speed.

    The strange aspect of this problem is that every other network speed diagnostic tool seems to give normal results. When VPNed in, I get line speed for any internet speed test. Using iperf, I get 91% of gigabit speed.

    I also tried setting up a VM that was running pfsense with an OpenVPN server, to eliminate any issues with hardware configuration. This VM also has the same issue as my bare metal pfsense box.

    I saw some other posts about disabling hardware checksum offloading, which I did, but that didn’t help.

    Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.

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