Hyperv Pfsense NAT public to lan NOT WORKING

  • Below is my setup
    hyperv 2 nic
    1 nic connected to switch also created vswitch for WAN on hyperv and pfsense vm
    another Nic network cable not connected to switch created vswitch for internal hyperv network.
    Through internal switch hyperv host,pfsense vm communicate without any issue.
    however, I'm stuck within NAT setup. I am not able to connect hyperv host and other vm's via public static IP
    Hyperv Nic WAN:
    Hyperv Nic LAN:
    Pfsence WAN:
    Pfsense LAN:

    windows vm LAN:

    I 'm trying to create 1:1 NAT for windows vm >>
    public not responding also tried any:any rule but no luck
    Please advice

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