Help with nat and firewall

  • I need help getting my webserver visable to the outside world.  i used no-ip for dynamic dns so i can get to my torrentflux from work but after switching to pfsense i can't seem to get incoming port 80 to work properly.  After searching the forum i found that i need to change the webui to another port, so i did that but i'm STILL not having any luck.
    i went to nat and these are my settings

    WAN  TCP  80 (HTTP)    80 (HTTP) webserver

    it auto creates a firewall rule that looks like this under WAN

    TCP  *  *  80 (HTTP)  *      NAT webserver

    i'm going insane trying to figure this out….it worked easily in both dd-wrt and tomato...i admit those are much less advanced (which is why i switched over) but i just can't figure out why it's not working
    i know the webserver is up and working because if i enter into the browser it works, i know that is working correctly because when i enter in my address with port 81 i get the pfsense webui (81 is the port i changed webui to)

    but i'm getting network timeout when i try to go to port 80 via so the nat rule isn't working.....please help

  • I assume you're trying to access from within your LAN the public no-ip address?

    Enable NAT reflection or set up split DNS inthis case:,7001.0.html

  • what i want is for someone to enter my wan ip address into their web browser and get the webserver on my lan at
    i just use no-ip so i don't have to type numbers into the web browser.  i read that page prior to posting, i read all the stuff about port forwarding in the wiki and i tried it with and without nat reflection on (though i was under the impression that only mattered if i was on one subnet in my lan and the other machine was on another)

    if i enter into my webbrowser locally i get the webserver i want.  but when i try to access it from my wan ip address it's not showing up even though i'm pretty sure i set it up right….which is why i'm asking....what the heck am i doing wrong.
    heres a couple screenshots of my nat and firewall rules

  • i dunno why but i did an ip release on the wan and renewed it and now everything works

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