Accessing local services when running vpn locally

  • Hello Experts,

    I am not sure if I am posting in the correct section, if not I apologies and please feel free to move to the correct section.

    I am fairly new to PfSense and working my way around, I have created some NAT rules in PfSense to allow access to some services externally such as Sonarr, nzbget etc.

    This is all working fine, and I can access the services without issue.

    However I am running into a issue when i run PIA VPN on the host where these services run.

    If I attempt to access the services externally the connection fails and times out.
    If I attempt to access the services internally the same thing occurs and the connection times out.

    I am not sure why this would occur as I would expect that if the call is being tunneled throught the external IP address (resolved by my external DNS server), the call should come back in via pfsense and the rule send it to the local IP address.

    Am I misundertanding how this should work or is there one or more setting that I have to configure in pfsense?

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