DMZ issue

  • Hello,

    I can not ping my DMZ local ip from my LAN subnet.

    Pfsense config with 3 interfaces


    LAN: (local lan)
    IP: (named it - DMZ-M)

    When I ping from pfsense to my dmz-m I get reply back . But when I ping from my LAN ips it does not reply ? nor Im able to ssh to that machine from my LAN subnet.

    Do I need to create any static route to communicate betweek LAN <---->DMZ-M .

    Looking forward to your kind response.


  • LAYER 8 Rebel Alliance

    You don't need to specify any Routes if your Clients are using your pfSense as Gateway.
    Do you have your Firewall Rules in place?


  • Some systems, like Windows Firewall, will not respond to unsolicited traffic from out of their local subnet. Assuming your LAN has an Allow All to Any rule, that would explain why you can ping it from pfSense but not a LAN client.

    If that's not the case then post a screenshot of your firewall rules.

  • Thank you guys its solved with out adding any kind of route in pfsense . My ip was restricted .


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