Problems opening lightsquid for reporting

  • Hello,

    I'm unable to open lightsquid to see the reporting when signing in to the webgui using However if I change the URL to and click the open lightsquid button a window opens to enter the webuser and password and the the reports opens.

    How can I resolve this issue of mine? I'm running pfsense v 2.4.4 and squidlight 3.0.6_4. Any help would be much appreciated.


  • You didn't say what actually happens when you use a FQDN instead of IP address other than 'unable to open', whatever that means. Does it fail with an error message? Blank page? Garbage?

    Have you tried adding an A record for to your DNS so that it resolves to

  • Thanks for your reply. When I use the FQDN I receive a message in the chrome browser, this site cannot be reached, error_timed_out, no login page opens. I already have an A record setup pointing to

  • Very strange. At least you have a workaround.

  • Simple fix.


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