Correct wifi setup?

  • Hello, i'm new to pfsense.  I finally got everything setup, and it all seems to be working how i want it, i just have a question about wifi setup.

    wan and lan setup were pretty straightforward but i guess because opt1 can be another wan or another lan it's a lot more complicate….

    if i want my wifi to be in the same address space as my lan it's as simple as bridging it to the lan right?

    that's what i did and it's working...but every guide i found said to set it up on a separate subnet.

    i basically want the wifi computers to have access to samba shares on the LAN and i successfully enabled wireless encryption but i wasn't sure if there was a better way of setting it up.  Most of the online guides i've found regarding pfsense and wireless were for a nic that was hooked to a wifi accesspoint via a cable and they all say to set it in it's own subnet (so if the lan is set the wifi as

    anyways, thanks.

  • You can set lan as and wifi as  Then in the Firewall Rule of LAN interface set rule to allow your wifi subnet to access only to the IP of samba shares on the LAN.

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