• Hello

    I have run into a confusion

    I have interface "SERVERS"
    VLAN 12
    VIP IP
    MASTER :
    BACKUP :


    Interface "STORAGE"
    VLAN 70
    VIP IP
    MASTER :
    BACKUP :

    RULES ON SERVERS interface are ANY TO ANY
    RULES ON THE STORAGE interface are PASS ICMP from STORAGE NET to any
    and REJECT STORAGE NET TO ANY just for logging

    When I tried to ping host let say I've got time out
    but I can ping the VIP and an active Firewall in the HA cluster

    I can't seems to be able to go past the gateway of the STORAGE interface from any interface

    I should be missing something very simple in that puzzle :)

    Thank you

    EDIT: I just tuned on the DHCP on this interface and I've got an IP address to the host and I can mange from this interface but when I go static IP the IP does not show in nmap -sP request
    sorry I forgot to say that my storage Interface I have a freenas only installed

    OK I used pfsense diagnostics tools to ping that host when I try from STORAGE as a source address no problem but from any other interface I've got time out
    It is showing on the arp table, but why I can't get to this interface from any other I don't get it they all have ANY TO ANY Rule


    Only when this host get IP from DHCP everything is working fine

  • ANYONE????????

  • Nope.
    It's still a puzzle.
    Add a network schema. Interface names, firewall rules, settings. Everything you took from default.
    Something to work with.

  • @gertjan hello

    I took from default a lot.

    RULES : for STORAGE INTERFACE Reject ANY TO ANY just for logging
    and PASS ICMP from STORAGE Net to ANY


    This is a downstream network the FreeNAS is connected to an upstream network the gateway and dns servers are set to an upstream network

    the WebGUI IPv4 Address is set to witch mean I can manage the webGUI from any interface or I should be able to do so.

    the interface STORAGE on the FreeNAS is pointed to a downstream network to provide an SMB share for all downstream networks

    What I was trying to do is start managing it from the downstream network because I am going to remove it from the upstream network.

    I called upstream network but is actually my old 1Gb network and I am moving into a 40Gb and I am transferring all hosts to my new network

    What else puzzles me host can ping the upstream network but not the other one

    Thank you

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