DNSBL is out of sync. Perform a Force Reload to correct.

  • After performing a Force Reload here's the error I'm getting from pfblocker.log file.

    I've also removed and reinstalled the package and tried reverting to an old config file... Any ideas?

    Assembling DNSBL database... completed [ 12/10/18 18:03:25 ]
    Reloading Unbound Resolver..
    DNSBL enabled FAIL - restoring Unbound conf *** Fix error(s) and a Force Reload required! ***
    /var/unbound/unbound.conf:108: error: syntax error
    read /var/unbound/unbound.conf failed: 1 errors in configuration file
    [1544483005] unbound-control[78424:0] fatal error: could not read config file.... Not completed.

    *** DNSBL update [ 0 ] [ 2048763 ] ... OUT OF SYNC ! *** [ 12/10/18 18:03:26 ]

  • Disable pfblockerNG

    Go to Services / DNS Resolver / General Settings remove the line

    server:include: /var/unbound/pfb_dnsbl.*conf

    if it is still present. Restart Unbound.

    Then enable pfblockerNG, run a Force Update, then a Force Reload All.
    Monitor the log to see if something breaks.

  • @ronpfs Thanks for the reply. I JUST finished updating all of the packages I have and updating PFsense to the newest version. After restoring a fully working config from a few months ago and it seems to be working okay now.

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