LDAP failed Diagnostics-Authentication

  • Hi,
    1/on "SystemUser Manager>Authentication Servers" i add my ldap server;for my lab i used online LDAP server test(https://www.forumsys.com/tutorials/integration-how-to/ldap/online-ldap-test-server/):
    Server: ldap.forumsys.com
    Port: 389
    Bind DN: cn=read-only-admin,dc=example,dc=com
    Bind Password: password
    2/on "SystemUser Manager>Settings" i tested my ldap server all are ok(you can see the attached imag)
    3/Doing test via Diagnostics->Authentication, I don't get anything ;Authentication failed, for an existing user/pw at the LDAP server?
    and no error massage found in system>logs file?
    please do you have any idea about this error?
    Thank you.0_1544622097410_myLdapConfig.png


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