Creation of new view(monitroing) is not working

  • Hello everyone! I am trying to create a new view for monitoring resources of pfsense but I couldn't get it working at all. Kindly check the attachments to see what I am being given back after adding and the view.0_1544973858757_ForPFsense.png

    So as you can see from the attachment. Even after receiving a message confirming the creation of a new view no views are shown other than the default one.

  • @raafat my Monitoring add view , works fine.

    alt text

    I just click to Add View buttond, I'm promped to specify a name , I'm input a name then press enter, all done.

    Indeed you need to click "Display Advanced" first to go under "Add View" button

  • @babiz I don't know. That is what is going on with my setup! Any suggestion?

  • Flush your browser cache? Ctrl-F5? You're using different themes. Perhaps try the default one? It shouldn't make any difference but always try the simple stuff first. Anything in the System log when you create a view that doesn't show?

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