FQDN aliases are not resolved

  • Hi mates,
    I have some aliases used in my firewall rules that contains both IPs and FQDN.
    If I try to connect to a destination defined as FQDN in the aliases I cannot connect, while I can ping it.
    I use internal DNS, not the PFSense resolvers...
    If I look at the firewall log and investigate by resolving the IP it is correctly resolved.
    What's wrong?
    Thanks a lot

  • Show some examples of what you mean and how it fails.

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Lets see your rules as well.

    And if your clients are using internal DNS.. What is pfsense using for dns - if the fqdn listed in your alias resolve differently by client vs what pfsense resolves, then yeah you could have problems with those aliases in your rules.

  • After some investigation the problem is relative to 2.4.4 p1.
    Once I roll back to 2.4.4 everything works fine.

    I use the same DNS both for clients and Pfsense (Windows 2016 domain controllers with DNS)
    The IP resolved are the same for each DNS query..

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Well lets see this problem you say p1 has.. Other than it doesn't work some times..

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