External network to internal network

  • Hi,
    Is it possible to setup the following scenario?

    We have have a AD:server on IP: 91.223.232.XX
    This server have a gateway on the same network (91.223.232.XX).

    We want to configure so that it's possible for this server to connect a printer on the other side (locally).
    The local IP-addresses are (192.168.10.X).
    Theres also an RDS-server on the same network (192.168.10.X).

    I guess that you have to setup a kind of tunnel that connects the 192 network to the 91 network.

    I can ping the gateway from both servers, if that helps.

    Best Regards.

  • Please draw a diagram of your setup, and how pf is involved.

  • @cloudonline
    You have add a route to the external server to direct the printer IP to the pfSense external IP.

    Also you have to add a firewall rule to WAN to allow the access.

  • @viragomann

    I'm not sure if I understand.
    But the pfSense can communicate (with both servers).

    The thing I guess we need to do is creating a connection (route) to the Internal IP (192.168.1.X)?
    I gave the incorrect information in the thread.

    The networks we need to connect with eachother are 91.223.232.XX to 192.168.1.X (both ways).
    In that case I guess we can setup the printer (that has a local ip 192.168.1.X) on the server (which have the IP 91.223.232.XX)?

  • @cloudonline
    As netblues said, a schematic diagram would help to understand what you try to achieve.

    As I understood, 91.223.232.XX is connected to the WAN of pfSense and 192.168.1.X is internal.
    The devices in 91.223.232.XX use another gateway than pfSense.

    So to enable communication between devices on these two networks you will need a static route on each device which does not use pfSense as default gateway. Otherwise the packets are directed to the default gateway.
    If you want to enable communication on many devices it is recommended to setup a transit network between pfSense and the outer gateway instead and add a static route for 192.168.1.X to that gateway pointing to pfSense.