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  • Hi there,

    we are currently setting up our new environment in azure. So we have now the opportunity to implement a firewall in front of the virtual machines.

    pfSense has now a virtual appliance on the azure marketplace. Is it recommended to use this version?
    I had created a marketplace vm and added a secondary LAN Interface, because this is not possible in the first steps.

    We would like to have the following Azure environment:

    1x pfSense Firewall with Public IP
    1x Virtual Network with Subnet -> WAN Network
    1x Virtual Network with Subnet -> LAN Network
    several VM´s inside the LAN Subnet but with public IP´s to reach the VM´s directly.

    All Network Traffic from LAN Network routed through the pfSense.

    My local environment:
    2x pfSense HA with 3x Subnets and 3x WAN Interfaces

    • Subnet =
    • Subnet =

    I have tested this with this resources:

    1x Virtual Network Gatway on Azure IPSEC -> Azure to Local Environment Connection

    1x Virtual Appliance with 2 NICs:

    • WAN = (Gateway WAN =
    • LAN = (Gatway LAN =

    i added a route in azure:

    On pfSense in Azure i can access my local network and my lan network:

    • Port test to host: Port: 443 successful. (Local)
    • Port test to host: Port: 3389 successful. (Azure LAN)

    On my local network i can access:

    • Port test to host: Port: 443 successful (Azure pfSense)
    • but can´t access my LAN Network Port: 3389 failed

    In the firewall log there are following entries:

    This is my pfSense firewall configuration:

    I think there is a mistake which i cant see right now. Can you please help me?

    Thanks and kind regards,

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    Stay within RFC1918 space for local networks.

  • @grimson

    but for local network im staying in this space?

    Local Network:

    • Subnets:,,

    Azure Network:

    • Subnets:,,

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  • @grimson Do you mean i have to stay in both local networks between the space? -

    Azure and my local network?

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