Changing LAN IP will block all traffic on it ?

  • hi,
    PFSENSE 2.4.4-1 on proxmox 5.2

    i made some vituals bridges and use testsUC to test pfsense before using it on prod. I have lost of problems with this version 2.4.4-1.. it is a nightmare.
    -> configuring interfaces into install procedure will do good things... but if you change ip of LAN interface, and move the virtual LAN to the real LAN....what a mess. firewall block all traffic...
    ( filterlog 59,,,1000109150,em1(LAN),match,block,in,4,0x0, 64,46115,0,DF,17,udp,65,IPLANUCTEST,MASKLAN,54546,1124,45...)
    i do not change anything to fw rules... why this pb appear?
    i return to last IP config and, it do not work anymore... impossible to log in webinterface and ssh. no ping .. nothing but firewall log seems to block all...

    did you forgot to automatically recreate antiblock rules into new ip config in fw rules when changing LAN IP?

    i back on 2.4.3. no time to play.

  • Hi,

    @megs said in Changing LAN IP will block all traffic on it ?:

    i do not change anything to fw rules...

    When you install pfSense, only the initial, first, real "LAN" interface will have a pass-all rule.
    All other interfaces you activate / create afterwards will have no rules. This means : nothing comes in.
    So : when you create an interface, put a pass rule on it.

  • thanks.. i think it is the heart of the problem

    i see, i do not not clearely say what i do:

    • configuring en2 to LAN( virtualbridge1) during install
    • configuring en2 to RealLAN after config
      loosing all connexion on all interfaces..

    i'll be carfull, next time.

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