Restricted access on OPT1 with CP

  • I have tried now for very long time to get the following working: :-\

    Logging in through CP, and then giving access to http, e-mail, msn (port 80, 110, 25 and 1863 TCP), maybe it also will be necessary to open UDP 53 for DNS access. No access to LAN interfaces. I have managed to block LAN access, but I’m having trouble restricting access to limited services without losing Captive Portal. When I enter the rules in other way it seems that I’m not able to restrict access.

    I am aware that it is first rule counts, and that it filters incoming traffic. I have WAN, LAN and OPT1 set up. I intend to have OPT1 as a guest access to internet and that’s why I want to restrict what services can be reached.

    I will be very thankful if someone can give an example rule set to accomplish this.  ;D