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  • I've recently joined with a next door farm and installed a ptp link as they have an incoming microwave service, which we are now sharing. What firewall rules should i create to prevent them being able to access any of my network? Thanks in advance, Eddie

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    For the WAN Port everything is blocked Incoming by default.
    Nothing to do from your side. :-)


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    Nowhere close to enough information to make a guess. it depends on how you designed it. As was said, if it's a WAN, everything is blocked by default.

  • Apologies. So i have two incoming wan connections, one is PPOE over the ADSL and the other is a static ip which is the microwave connection from our neighbors. I've got them setup with the microwave as the priority and fails to the ADSL if required. Neighbors can currently log into our network over the point to point link so wondering how to block this? New to pf sense and still learning so bear with me if I haven't described out setup properly. Thanks, Eddie

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    And what are you rules on your wan links... By default they would be no rules and everything would be blocked... Only if you put rules on these wan interfaces could stuff be allowed in..

    So post up you rules..

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