multiple remote sites not reaching each other

  • Hi
    here is my setup and what i am doing

    openvpn server
    openvpn client 1 (tunnel
    openvpn client 2 (tunnel
    client 1 and 2 reach the server with NO issues

    but client 1 talking to 2 or 2 talking to 1, does NOT work. i can only reach from 1 or 2 to the main openvpn server

    how can i make that remote clients can talk to each other as well?

    please advise

  • Add the remote networks you want to direct over the vpn to the "IPv4 Remote Network/s" in the client settings.

    The "remote networks" box should look like
    client 1: ","
    client 2: ","

  • Hi
    Before i upgraded to 2.4.1, I had the clients setting showing the remote networks like you said, and i also have the server setting to have both networks, but after the upgrade if i do that, then only one out of 2 clients will connect to the VPN, the second one would have no connection, but i could ping it.
    so i had to remove the server side showing MULTIPLE remote networks and now all clients connect.
    if i add to the clients ONLY the remote networks as you advise, it does not do anything. i still have no access between the 2 clients.
    is there something else to do?

  • @ariban99
    NEVER MIND. I had to restart the VPN and it works perfectly as you said.
    so NO server changes, just the client changes and its working now!!
    thank you

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