Openvpn Client and Gateway Group

  • I have dual wan setup and a vpn client. How to use multiple wan for openvpn client?
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    Assuming you are trying to use the wan_bond group. You can't load balance a VPN connection over two links like that. You make one connection to the server from one IP address, not two connections from two.

  • Sorry for my poor English. I have Nat (CGN) problem. I use pfsense as opevpn client. Can I use wan failover gateway for interface openvpn client?
    I use this vps server for forward port to pfsenese ( If I make two vpn instance then how to use port forward from vps server to pfsense.

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    I'm sorry but I really don't understand what you are asking.

  • I have two wan gateway. I create pfsense openvpn client instance using wan1 gateway. When wan1 down I lose connection of pfsnse openvpn client. I want to up this openvpn connection via wan2 gateway (wan failover).
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