Motorola MB8600 LAGG / LACP direct from pfSense WAN not recognized by modem (?)

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    I have a Motorola MB8600 which I have connected to a pfSense VM on ESXi 6.7U1 on a Supermicro X9SPU-F motherboard with its two 82754L NICs assigned to the VM using PCIe Passthrough.

    My interface assignments page says:

    WAN -> LAGG0

    LAGGs page under interfaces site says:

    LAGG Protocol: LACP

    SSH Console:

    *** Welcome to pfSense 2.4.4-RELEASE-p1 (amd64) on pfSense ***
     WAN (wan)       -> lagg0      -> v4/DHCP4:
                                      v6/DHCP6: dead:beef:bada:daaf:c3:4c04:85c6:822:a772/128

    The MB8600 says:

    Software Version 8600- 



    However, the modem is supposed to have a blue-colored NIC icon on the front to signify that it LAGG is enabled.

    The rest of the lights are blue (signifying DOCSIS 3.1, etc.) I'm on a Comcast 1Gig residential DHCPv6 connection in the Seattle area.

    Hope that's enough info someone can help me out! Does anyone know why the modem wouldn't be recognizing my 802.3ad WAN connection?

  • Im across the water from you on the peninsula using Wave Broadband. This setup works fine for me. Im not using a VM for my router though.

  • @chpalmer I wonder if it has to do with the NICs? Which NIC chipset are you using? I am going to have to read up on these 82754L... (although pfSense / FreeBSD is not complaining about making them into lagg0)

  • @averyfreeman said in Motorola MB8600 LAGG / LACP direct from pfSense WAN not recognized by modem (?):

    Using a Watchguard XTM5 series box here.

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    You might want to try setting up LACP on the hypervisor and passing a single virtual NIC to pfSense WAN just to see if that works.

    Or you might want to try seeing if LACP comes up to something else like a managed switch.

    What does ifconfig -v lagg0 show on pfSense?

    Does it work with either emX port without LACP enabled?

  • Figure this out yet?

    While screwing around with this I remembered I had to set a MAC address on the WAN page..

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