pfblocker-dev, DNSBL not working at all.

  • Apologies if this topic has been covered before, but I am using the instructions found on this website to block various ads/malware:

    The setup is smooth and everything works fine, but whenever I go to test by pinging different sites like, it still pings to the actual yahoo server instead of the default address configured in the original setup. I have verified the definitions are turned on, the action selected is unbound, I've forced an update, but it doesn't seem to be redirecting my traffic.

    I have only 1 LAN adapter and I have verified pfblocker is running in status/services. I'm running package version 2.2.5_19 Any suggestions on what I could check?

  • I have already determined the cause of my problem. The lab workstation i was using to test this out with still had static DNS server entries configured on one of the network adapters I was using. Once I pointed them all to my pfsense box, everything was working fine. I feel stupid for having overlooked something so simple. 😣

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