pfSense firewall connecting to Verizon FIOS Quantum Router Setup

  • Looking for some direction here as I currently cannot change my Verizon Router (coming in via Coax to the Router) and just use the ONT for my connections due to several issues, including needing the Verizon Router for the TV boxes and more importantly due to cabling distance from the ONT and an old home that makes running wire tough.

    That being said, with the Verizon Quantum router in place, coming in via COAX and then Ethernet UTP Cables out to devices / switches, can I setup a pfSense firewall in between the Verizon Router and my home network? If so, what is the best setup for it? I can either use an older PC with two GB Nics, 4 GB RAM and Core 2 Duo Processor in it (2.44 GHZ) or I can build a VM and run it from there.....

    Just curious if I can do this setup and how?

    If using the ONT, can I still use the Verizon Router for the Cable Boxes?

    Thanks for the help

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