Route all OpenVPN tunnel network traffic to LAN network for Apple HomeKit?

  • Happy New Years, fine gents.

    My problem:
    Layer 3 tunnel network is a separate subnet from my LAN network subnet. Local discovery on VPN network is blind to LAN subnet.

    This causes a problem since many apps discover devices only on the same subnet that they get an IP.

    Another issue:
    iOS OpenVPN client does not support TAP networks, only tunnel networks. TAP would solve my problem since it would bridge me on the LAN network, then all local devices would be discoverable.

    How do I configure OpenVPN so devices on VPN subnet automatically find all LAN devices that live on I can ping back and forth all day no problem, but local discovery is the issue.

    One solution is to switch to Android and get the OpenVPN client that supports TAP networks. Being on the same subnet as your main LAN devices makes things so much easier...

  • This is easily resolved with the "Avahi" package. Installed and enabled with default settings-- it will repeat the broadcast requests across all subnets, so devices on LAN network become discoverable to you while connected through OpenVPN network (different subnet).

    Just logging the answer I found for others. Thanks

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