VPN Kill Switch Blocks Website Access

  • Hello,

    I'm a little lost to trouble shoot why I'm unable to access forum.netgate.com when I have the floating rule kill switch activated and when deactivated I'm able to access the forum.

    The kill switch i have setup uses the NO_WAN_EGRESS technique which blocks out traffic for the PIA clients if the PIA VPN looses connection. This works perfectly.

    At first i thought it was PIA blocking the forum so I created a gateway bypass rule for the PIA clients above the PIA VPN rule to use my WAN gateway instead with an alias setup with forum.netgate.com but that didn't work.

    Would anyone have an idea why the floating rule would block my access to the forum. Any help would be much appreciated.



    Firewall Logs


  • @kiekar

    Resolved issue by adding new floating out rule above kill switch.


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