Suricata and VirtIO

  • Has anyone had any luck using suricata inline mode with virtio adapters? Currently have a virtualized environment running on KVM, guests are supplied virtio adapters connected to openvswitch which in turn connects to the physical interfaces; I'm assuming I'd need to rearchitect this with VALE and netmap to make suricata work in inline mode?

  • @gerby123 said in Suricata and VirtIO:


    Are you still running Suricata on a virtualized pfsense guest? Or are you asking about Suricata in Linux?

  • Correct, the hypervisor is KVM but suricata is running in a PFSense guest.

  • I don't have any experience with KVM/vertio, but I run pfSense in VMs (ESXi) using Bro and Suricata without an issue. This includes the use of virtual switches and etc

    Can you not select a virtualized driver in KVM?

    If you can't what driver is it using and what issue are you running into with using netmap on that interface?

  • The issue I encounter seems related to others who have tried to run inline mode without netmap support; traffic passes for a brief period of time and then all traffic flow stops.

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