• Squid proxy is working great for me other then I have severance cameras around my home. All cameras are working but one of them. I can not access my garage camera any more. Is there a way to get around this or what have I setup wrong?

    Also is there a way to block website adds with Squid?

  • No idea what is going on or what you are doing wrong because you haven't posted any details about your configuration.

    Yes, squid can block ads with the help of squidguard and a blocklist but you might have more luck with a solution like pfBlockerNG or pihole.

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    Yeah there is nothing in your post that could help us help you..

    For starters if your other camera's are working - what is different with this 1 camera that is not working? Is it on a different vlan.. Do you have specific settings in proxy for each camera?

    Why would you think it has to do with your proxy in the first place?

    Going to need something to go on here to help you - are you saying if you disable the proxy it works?

  • All the cameras are the same. The only thing is the one that don't work is older.

    I do see in my firewall logs all my cameras are trying to access a dns. Could this be it? Also see they are trying to google too.


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    If that was the case and then they all would not work..

    Again zero info you have given that allows us to help you.

  • I followed this documentation to set up squid. https://www.netgate.com/docs/pfsense/cache-proxy/setup-squid-as-a-transparent-proxy.html

    Set everything as default by the documentation.

    And yes if I disable Squid I can access the camera.

    Edit: Can't think of any other information to give.

  • Edit: Can't think of any other information to give.

    Really? Start with a simple network diagram. Describe exactly how you are testing. Provide the results of your testing and any error messages or unexpected output you receive. Post your LAN, OPTx firewall rules plus rules for NATs (if any). There is a ton of info to debug with.

  • So this is what I have done to get the camera to work. Please let me know if this makes any sense.

    In Squid General settings under Transparent proxy settings i added the IP of the camera to bypass Proxy for These Destination IPs. The Transparent proxy interface is only LAN.


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    Well iot devices normally have hard times with proxy sure. So setting proxy to be transparent can allow devices that do not understand or allow for explicit proxy settings, or even auto discovery via WAD, etc. to use a proxy.

    So you said this camera was older, do you your newer camera's support proxy in explicit mode. Ie did you set them to know the proxy was there and to use it. Do you have auto discovery setup on your network, etc.

    Again trying to help you is very difficult without understanding your network or even how your using the camera's

    You don't even say how your viewing your cams.. Why would you not just access their feeds via your local NVR? You have given us nothing to work with to help you..

    So your cameras are on different vlans? Why would camera's and or iot devices not be on their own vlan?

    With the info so far the only sort of help your going to get is "have you tried turning it off and back on again" ;)

    Your firewall shows blocking of vlan 50 for dns to googledns, so what does that have to do with proxy being transparent on lan? Are you viewing your cam's from LAN? And the application can not view this older camera out to the internet while you view your other cams locally? And the app you use to view is not proxy aware?

    Love to help you but - just guessing to how you have this setup or what your actually even doing..

  • Yeah, I'm out. I can only ask for details so many times.

  • Hey Guys,

    I'm not trying to hold back any information from you. Just been swamped with work lately.

    Like I say "I'm new to pfsense". Everything I have done with pfsense I have learned from reading the forums here. great job guys.

    Over the next couple of days I will put together a network diagram with all subnets, settings, firewall rules and packages installed. I'm hoping you can point me in the right direction with other issues I have .

    Thank you

  • Bypass is not destination in your case. It is source as it is internal IP and outgoing traffic, if you change that i guess it will work for you.