PfSense as a bridging transparent firewall problem

  • Ok…so I've pfSense setup as briding firewall.  On my LAN, I am running 2 IP subnets...a block of /24 public addresses and a block of /23 private addresses.  On the WAN side there is a router that provides our connection to the Internet and routes between these 2 previoulsy mentioned subnets.  Things are overall working ok but sometimes there is a hestiancy when traffic is passing for the private to the public subnet.  I can start a ping and sometimes the first ping won't come back, but then the following ones will.

    Also I want to allow all traffic to pass to/from the two subnets, but in watching my firewall log I am seeing traffic that is being blocked from private subnet trying to get to a server (that is running a public number).  How do I need to have my firewall rules setup to allow all traffic between the 2 subnets?  These 2 subnets are running on the same interface.  In watching my firewall log...the traffic I am seeing blocked is being blocked by on my LAN interface.

    -router a.b.c.x/24 & 10.24.164.x/23 (10.24.154.x is nat'ed in router to a a.b.c.x/24 address)
    -pfSense WAN
      filtering bridge
    -pfSense LAN
    -switch with a.b.c./24 & 10.24.164.x/23 clients  (traffic between these 2 subnets has to pass thur bridge to the router and then come back thru the bridge)

    Message if you need more details and further explaination.