Squid vs HTTPS Everywhere to protect HTTP (port 80) connections

  • I've really tried to secure my browsing recently. Using Firefox with the privacy extensions, VPN, DNS over TLS, etc. I'm using HTTPS Everywhere, but when the warning comes up that a HTTPS site isn't available and the HTTP site could very well be fake, I usually don't connect.

    I gave up on Squid a while back. I didn't want to use it on HTTPS sites, breaking the SSL connection. Thus, Squid was only working on HTTP sites and those are few and far between these days. I feel like I've done all I can for HTTPS safety, but completely exposed on HTTP. I thought, what about Squid? I could use ClamAV. The proxy caching would be just a bonus. If I'm just looking for added safety, is Squid worth it? As this is a Squid forum, you'll probably all say "Just shut up and deploy it already!"

    HTTPS Everywhere doesn't really protect your HTTP connections, it just tries to keep you on HTTPS. Is ClamAV enough safety or am I better off staying off HTTP sites (and losing that part of the web)?

    I haven't used Squid for years, so maybe someone has something to add here. Or, again, maybe this is a no-brainer.

  • Squid is almost useless these days other than as a base for squidguard or ClamAV.