LAN connection to Webconfigurator

  • Hi, I've made a standard setup of pfsense (2.4.3 RELEASE) by a .iso-file on a CD-ROM. Installation is running smoothly. But I can't connect to the LAN interface to Webconfigurator via It worked once and then it seems like the connection was blocked, I was running the setup wizard in the webconfigurator.
    I've tried to reinstall. I've tried to disable my FW on my PC, from where I want to connect to the webconfigurator. Pfsense is running on a stand-alone PC.
    At the moment I have 2 ISP's in my house (only one connected to the network). I can connect to ISP#1-router on from my PC. But I can't connect to ISP#2 via the LAN interface on the pfsense-PC. Does anybody have a clue ? BR Steen

    1. Can you get to the internet?

    2. Does this work?

  • I can't go to the internet (ISP#2), while I can't use I think it's blocked. I can see the IP adress, but I can't ping it.

  • What is the WAN address of the box? I assume you can console into it..

  • Ok, Thankyou - I'll try.