Multiple VPN Connections based on IP address

  • Hello Experts,

    I am hoping that someone can provide me with some assistance, or point me in the right direction, as I have a rather trivial configuration that I am trying to configure, as broken down below:

    Configuration 1 -
    Create a PIA VPN, and have all connections channelled through here, I have found several guides that cover this so this configuration is ok

    Configuration 2 -
    With Configuration 1 in place I want to add a outbound rule for ITV player and BBC iPlayer to use a 2nd VPN connection to the UK

    Configuration 3 -
    With Configuration 1 & 2 in place (or even with just Configuration 1), I have 2 work laptops that use their own VPN connections, with these connection I want to route these through the default WAN connection and not through the PIA connections.

    Has anyone attempted and have this successfully working, or would have any pointers on how about setting this up?

    any assistance would be grateful.


  • create static addresses for the devices you want outside the tunnel.

    then create a Rule so those device travel over WAN instead of the PIA tunnel...

    this is how i operate my "smart" TV so i can stream