Status / Monitoring does not show anything

  • Would anyone know why in Status / Monitoring all the graphics appear in 0? (traffic, system, etc.) everything is at 0.
    In this screenshot I put to see the traffic of two WAN for 2 days and I don't see anything. In another pfSense with the same version does not happen to me this.


  • Please, any answer? Or at least some way to track where the error might come from?

    Thank you

  • I would force clear cache on the local web browser, or try a different one. I don't have an issue on Opera, Chrome, or FireFox showing those graphs; it seems like a local (your computer) issue.

  • @chrismacmahon Thank you for answering.
    I'd already done it. But just to confirm, I installed a new Opera browser and tried. Same issue . Definitely a pfSense problem. I just don't know how to track it.
    Could it be that there is some process or scheduled task that collects that data that is failing?