• Evening,

    Longtime lurker of the forum and have managed to get by without asking for help but im at a loss on getting access to the WebGUI.

    A little bit of a background to why my network is setup as it is, basically i want the ISP Router to handle all the general traffic ie PS4, phones, TVs. I then use PFSense network to handle all my traffic that ive got tunneled through an OPENVPN client.
    Everything is working fine and im happy however this webgui isnt.

    My Setup is below;

    ISP Modem > Running as DHCP serving a Network on 192.168.0.X

    WAN is (from ISP Modem)
    LAN is

    So basically what i want to do is enable my laptop ( on the ISP Network to connect to the webgui of pfsense at, so everytime i want to log in i dont have to connect to the PFSense Lan via ethernet.

    Here's what i've tried;

    -I've unticked the block private network & bog options in the WAN interface
    -Created a firewall rule as below;
    Any Protocol
    Source: Single host or alias
    Destination: Single host or alias

    However this doesnt work, even when i ping from my laptop i get no response.

    Am i going about this the right way?


  • You are a genius :) Thanks very much, tried it and viola, first time :)