Why is DNSBL Category Blacklist Category UT1 unblocking working blocks [SOLVED]

  • Hey,
    strange thing, DNSBL working fine, blacklist and custom whitelists.
    all doin fine also custom default block info page :)

    but when i'm activating

    Adult (XXX)
    [ Large ] Adult site from erotic to hard pornography. from UT1

    all sites are unblocked ?

    any Ideas ?

    or am I jsut not understandig how DNSBL Category works ?

    thanks for any hints


  • Moderator


    You have to enable the TLD option so that it will wildcard block those domains, otherwise without the TLD option, its going to just block the root domain that is listed in the Category feed.

  • hi there !
    jop checked it now testin and reloadin!


    i'll keep you posted .. thx for helpin me out !


    thx !