Voucher Database Synchronization

  • Hello,

    I'm using version 2.4.4-RELEASE-p2, and I read that the problem https://redmine.pfsense.org/issues/8079 was solved, but when trying to sync the vouchers still it continues with the same error message.

    Could someone tell me if I'm forgetting to do some configuration.

    • Same user(admin) and password on both servers
    • Diagnostics-> Test Port (communication test on port 8888 successfully) on both servers
    • Same protocol and port of webconfigurator on both servers

    On the slave server: (https://IPSLAVE:8888)
    Synchronize Voucher Database IP: IPMASTER
    Voucher sync port: 8888
    Voucher sync username: admin
    Voucher sync password: *****

    Only for voucher synchronization do I need to configure some option in System -> High Availability Sync ? Because the configuration was done only in Services -> Captive Portal -> NameZone -> Vouchers on slave server.

    Error message:

    The following input errors were detected:

    Exception calling XMLRPC method exec_php #1 : Unhandled XML_RPC2_InvalidTypeEncodeException exception:Impossible to encode value '' from type 'NULL'. No analogous type in XML_RPC.#0 /usr/local/share/pear/XML/RPC2/Backend/Php/Value/Struct.php(107): XML_RPC2_Backend_Php_Value::createFromNative(NULL) #1 /usr/local/share/pear/XML/RPC2/Backend/Php/Response.php(86): XML_RPC2_Backend_Php_Value_Struct->encode() #2 /usr/local/share/pear/XML/RPC2/Backend/Php/Server.php(135): XML_RPC2_Backend_Php_Response::encode(Object(XML_RPC2_Backend_Php_Value_Struct), 'utf-8') #3 /usr/local/share/pear/XML/RPC2/Backend/Php/Server.php(99): XML_RPC2_Backend_Php_Server->getResponse() #4 /usr/local/www/xmlrpc.php(768): XML_RPC2_Backend_Php_Server->handleCall() #5 {main}

    Thank you all