NICs not availlable after upgrade to 1.2.3-20090307-1252

  • Hi everybody,

    First of all I'd like to thank all of pfsense developers for their fundamental work in open source firewalling.
    It's a great product!!

    Today I upgraded two pfsense boxes running 1.2.2 (fresh install) and did an upgrade to the latest 1.2.3 snapshot.
    The upgrade was needed because of missing gmirror functions in 1.2.2

    After the upgrade the pfSense boxes came up with an error message in the webinterface. The VIP couldn't be loaded and when I checked the NICs I recognized that two of my 6 NICs were not assigned. So I tried to re-assign the NICs (bge0 and bge1) but they are not availlable for assigning.

    pfSense is running on two Proliant DL140 servers with two onboard NICs (bge0 - bge1) and a 4 port D-Link NIC (ste0-ste3)

    I need to get the boxes up and running till next week. If I don't get them up and running with 1.2.3 I need to downgrade to 1.2.

  • Can you go through the setup procedure again?

    I have been upgrading as soon as the snapshots became available and I still have my NICS, VIP's, VLANS, etc as well as NAT and firewall rules. I'm using dell R300 server with onboard  NICs and Intel 4 NIC card. all good here.

  • Check mail archives for the freebsd-stable list; I believe some (but not all) users of the bge hardware have reported problems with bge in FreeBSD 7.1.  If this is the problem you're running into, I'm not sure what your options would be.

    Possibly you might need to hold off on 1.2.3 until a patch is available and incorporated into the 1.2.3 build, but one of the pfSense developers would need to speak to that.

  • Hi…thanks for reply

    just did a bit research and discovered several issues with FreeBSD 7.1 and the bge driver.
    As I need to have the servers up and running till next week I will downgrade to 1.2 stable waiting for a bge driver patch...

  • …just verified the whole setup and figured out that the bge NICs are not availlable after I switched of ACPI in /boot/device.hints regardless which version is installed (even 1.2 shows this).
    So I won't disable ACPI and install 1.2.2 without gmirror waiting for the next stable release 1.2.3.

    Does anybody had the same issue when disabling ACPI?

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