Webserver behind pfSense on port80 - Port closed

  • Hi, so I'm setting up an apache webserver via xampp on a PC behind pfSense. I'm attempting to host a small-time, low-traffic website from it. The PC is on OPT1 interface.

    Here is a picture of my port forward rule. I changed the redirect target to my gateway and configured DynDNS with my No-IP account via pfsense GUI. After doing this, I could access the GUI and online portcheckers said port 80 was open.
    alt text
    This is a picture of my rules. I blocked all traffic from OPT1 to LAN
    alt text

    However, when I change the port for the web GUI from something other than 80 and change the redirect target to the IP of my web server, the connection just times out when trying to access the webserver from the No-IP domain and port checkers say port 80 is closed, although I can ping my public IP (not sure if that's relevant).

    What else do I need to look at? I have also enabled the inbound rule for port 80 in the local firewall settings of the web server (Windows Server 2012). Apache is running and running on port 80. Is this strictly isolated to the Apache server?

  • Nevermind, the issue was my own stupidity. I enabled some random unrelated rule that had port 80 listed in the port column in Windows Firewall. All I had to do was add a custom rule on port 80 and allow traffic. Everything works. This can be closed.