Captive Portal Voucher remain Active

  • hi good day.. Thank you pfsense creators for this great software i used as filter of my Internet and i'm trying new in captive portal now using voucher but i have encountered an issue that even i click log out or hit disconnect all users from pfsense server the voucher entered still remain active user and still consuming voucher remaining time. I've tried the latest version and 2.3.3 but still theme issue, is their a problem on my configuration or helppppp.

  • @bodat I haven't played with the vouchers in captive portal but I would think that if you wanted a user to re-authenticate you would need to delete the voucher then disconnect the user.

  • i have tried to delete or make it expire that works, but what if my client have 1 voucher for 1 hour only and tried to log out after 30 minutes and then resume after 2 hours, the captive portal says voucher is expired because during log out the voucher remains active and consuming its time.

  • Or CP really is designed that way? non stop?

  • I would think by your own discovery it's designed to be non stop. Think about it like a internet cafe, and people are paying for a block of time. I'm sure there are more elaborate setups where you can get a report about how much time or data a user has consumed but I'm guessing this isn't what you are looking for in your home environment. Again I don't use CP that way so I may be speaking from a place of pure ignorance.