Route my VLAN over OPENVPN

  • Good day to you all

    I am trying to setup some of my traffic to route over the VPN. So far I have done the following

    Setup a dedicated wireless network to steer to VLAN 20. (This is working well and is currently picking up correct IP, but routing over the default WAN port)

    Setup openvpn gateway of pfsense, Seems to be active, as showing up and picked up IP

    Now all I need to do next is steer all traffic on VLAN 20 via the OpenVPN gateway

    Fairly new to pfsense, so hoping to get a few pointers

  • @coodem said in Route my VLAN over OPENVPN:
    Show the network scheme with addressing, then you can help and explain how to configure everything

  • Managed to find the issue. Didn't open the advanced box and in there was an option to select gateway. After that and a reboot all appears fine

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