OpenVPN clinet works only from one internet source

  • Hi all
    i need your support as i have an issue with using openvpn over pfsense
    as i made a openvpn server and everything is work
    and i already marked the Dynamic IP as to Allow connected clients to retain their connections if their IP address changes but still after connect from a place cannot connect from anywhere else
    and after restart the pfsense can accept one more access but cannot connect from places else that accepted from first time etc ...
    my configuration as below 4_1547633061140_Capture6.PNG 3_1547633061140_Capture5.PNG 2_1547633061140_Capture4.PNG 1_1547633061140_Capture2.PNG 0_1547633061140_Capture.PNG

  • Enter a number at "Concurrent connections" and ensure that each client has a unique certificate.

  • i added to Concurrent connections number 5 but still not working .
    i want to mention that the openvpn working fine but from only single internet source if the client change the internet source or just ip changed cannot reconnect again

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