OpenVPN Script for Switching VPN Server via Crontab

  • I currently have a OpenVPN Client configured on the pfsense to connect to my VPN Provider. In my configuration, I have specified the VPN Server that the client/pfsense should connect to (eg: What I would like is to do, via a cron job, is to switch to a set different VPN server (eg: region2, region3, ..) every 4 hours via a script. Logic for the script should be something like:

    1. Disable VPN Client Configuration, if not already disabled.
    2. Change "***server or host address*** field to reflect a different VPN server
    3. Save configuration
    4. Enable VPN Client Configuration.

    Does anyone already have a similar script and would be willing to share?

  • @rsaanon You can consider this option

    1. installed is 1,2.3 .... OpenVPN tunnels
    2. Firewall / schedules - create a schedule for firewall rules (1,2,3....schedules = openvpn tunnels)
    3. create a few rules on the lan interface, each of them set the gateway OpenVPN tunnel (rule 1-tunnel 1 schedule 1, rule2-tunnel2-schedule 2,.... )

  • @konstanti Good idea!, but due to VPN Provider concurrent tunnel limit, I won't be able to create multiple tunnels and keep all the connections alive at the same time. Thanks for the suggestion.

  • @rsaanon What vpn provider ? For example , Nordvpn supports up to 6 simultaneous connections

  • @konstanti I get 3 simultaneous connections; One connection is dedicated to the pfSense box. The other two are used on family laptops when travelling.

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