Wifi with netgear router help

  • Hello,

    I am new to pfsense. I have done a lot of reading & watching videos but i still can't seem to get my wifi working.

    current setup.
    Dell R200 running 2.4.4
    Wired modem > Dell(pfsense) > netgear router / 4 port switch.

    I have turned off my DHCP on the netgear router. Now i'm stuck on getting added to pfsense.

    sorry if this has been covered before i did try to find posts about this i had no luck.

    thanks in advance

  • Are all the devices on the LAN side of the Netgear router? If so, it's blocking the DHCP requests. If you want to use that router, connect the LAN side, not WAN to pfSense.

  • I have the cable coming from pfsense on the LAN side to the router.

    And they are all plugged in on the LAN side of the router. nothing is plugged in on the WAN on the router.

  • Router plugs

    WAN Port Nothing

    1 pfsense
    2 Computer (working)

  • Could you detail the IP settings of your netgear 'router' (which should not behave as a router, just a simple access point) ?

    The IP - network mask ?
    DHCP server is of => that's ok.
    DNS settings ?
    Gateway settngs ?

    Gateway IP and DNS IP should be set to the pfSense LAN IP.

  • Found the problem.

    I setup the router to ip
    but didnt setup the range for DHCP... had to change the range. so my static ips won't be given out by DHCP.

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