Blocking anti Corp lists

  • They are building some great new lists against corporations like Google and Microsoft on witch im well known for blocking ;)
    I use PfSense with only one package = PfBlocker and I block everything so nothing will work unless I use my VPN to go online.
    Now all these lists will have something like in front of it and if I remember rightly I will have to edit all the lists so it is just the URL without the 0.0..0.0 or correct me if I'm wrong.
    These are all lists for Ublock and adblocker but I got a cool little list editor to do this and then place them in a custom list in ip4 and DNSBL.

    Btw I am loving the new feeds on Pfblocker it's my favourite like the BBC AND GOVERNMENTS witch in my country of the UK is needed.

    I would love to more anti-corporations lists being made as spying is such a growing problem.

    But I'm loving the new work and ideas in the feeds already.

    I'm interested what anyone thinks of how the browser BRAVE handles blocking bad sites because it sounds a bit like AI site blocking and I'm wondering if its going to be the new thing instead of large lists said right here
    it may interest BBCAN177.

    Anyway, happy new year and great work by all devs :)

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