Tuning Performance of Webserver

  • I recently installed the great add-on YSlow in my Firefox browser and examined the WebGUI of pfSense. It turned out to be that there still are some rather simple tuning possibilities. Especially, I saw that the Webserver is not configured to gzip all components of the GUI. Is there any possibility to tune the .htaccess or the httpd config file in the XML Configuration or do we have to wait for the developers tuning the config files?

  • gzip is probably a bad idea here I would think. It costs CPU (which we often don't have, running on repurposed old hardware or embedded platforms), and exists to lessen network load. Where we have a 100 or 1000mbit connection to the client I don't think it makes sense to spend CPU (and time) compressing the content to save a few bytes on the network. It'll be faster without.

    Not saying there's not tuning that could be done, but I don't think compression is a useful apporach (unless of course you're accessing the WebGUI over a very slow connection, anyway).

  • That's probably true. However, I think we should at least set an Expiry entry in the config and maybe put the javascripts to the bottom of the file.

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