Permit only domain computers to access internet

  • Hi,

    I'm testing some firewall solutions for our small-sized company. I have not installed pfSense yet, but I need to know if it can block computers that are not members of my Active Directory domain to access the Internet.


  • I am guessing this isn't going to happen.  It would require, at a minimum, OpenLDAP and a ton of configuration.

    Better question: Why do you need to lock non-domain computers from internet access?  How are they getting on your network in the first place?

  • Why not use Squid and have it setup to authenticate against your domain and use a GPO to predefine the Proxy settings? Would that work?

  • if your switches support, you can use 802.1x authentication through MS IAS on the domain controller to block network access (not just the Internet, but the LAN access as well).

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